The Polls are in

We selected the top 3 gold buyers in NYC and want you to vote on who you sold your gold to(only one vote per ip)

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Where to find the best gold buyer in Manhattan?

Manhattan is full of a lot of things, and its not short on having a lot of Gold Buyers in Manhattan. Finding the right gold buyer requires a lot of skill and trial and error. Most gold buyers say they pay the most, but don’t sell your gold to a buyer that doesn’t publicly display their prices. So with that nice tip we gave you, you should be miles ahead of unsuspecting people that are selling gold in NYC day after day, many people get taken advantage of and we want to give our honest opinion of the gold buying industry, especially in NYC.

Now that you know this info the next step is determining what you have, like the weight, the carat and then you will have a great approximate value for your gold. Most gold buyers locally in Manhattan will pay anywhere from 80-99% and if you search around enough you will find out who pays the most Cash For Gold.

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